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Keeping Children Safe from Wireless Radiation

With the growing number of wireless devices in our homes and schools, and of 5G cell towers in our neighborhoods, our exposure to wireless (radio frequency) radiation is rising rapidly. Today’s children are the first generation to be exposed their entire lives, starting in the womb, and they are uniquely vulnerable.
Children absorb proportionally more radiation in their eyes and brains than adults, due to their smaller heads, thinner skulls and higher water content. These factors make them vulnerable to the well-established harmful effects of radiation, including cancers and reproductive harm. Studies specifically link children’s radiation exposure to rising levels of ADHD, cognitive dysfunction and behavioral problems.
Meanwhile, more and more “smart” wireless products for children are on the market, from diapers and pacifiers to baby monitors, the latter of which can have extremely high radiation levels.
These products are not safety tested—since their radiation levels fall within the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) exposure limits, they are assumed safe. This assumption is unfounded. Parents should know that in 2021, the FCC lost a landmark court case in which Federal judges ruled that it ignored the scientific evidence of harm to children in setting its limits.
While we wait for policy to catch up to the science, here are some tips for parents and caregivers to take matters into their own hands.
•    Don’t buy wireless products marketed for children—especially not “smart” baby monitors. There are alternatives.
•    Teach children cell phone safety.
•    Never let kids use wireless earbuds.
•    Pregnant women should keep wireless devices away from the unborn child.
•    Keep children’s bedrooms radiation-free. Test and mitigate if necessary.

Lisa Smith, Ph.D. is a Certified EMF Expert at EMF Wellness Tucson. Connect at



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