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5 Reasons to Choose A Green Cleaning Service

Outsourcing housework offers us many benefits, but opting for a green cleaning service can have an especially healthy impact on the home and the planet. Green cleaning involves the use of products and methods that are eco-friendly and organic. Here are five great reasons to try a green cleaning service.

1. Green cleaning is planet-friendly. The pros use eco-friendly products that are manufactured using sustainable methods and safe, natural, biodegradable ingredients. On the other hand, conventional cleaning products contain toxic, hazardous and non-biodegradable ingredients such as petroleum.

2. Better indoor air quality. Using traditional cleaning products can cause more indoor pollution than outdoors. These cleaning products, classified as volatile organic compounds, compromise indoor air quality. However, green products can help create a healthier living environment, and do not leave strong, harmful odors.

3. Healthier choice for the house. Due to the lack of harsh and toxic chemicals, eco-friendly cleaning products allow softer cleaning for fibers and fabrics. This preserves the looks and lifespan of sofas and carpets. The non-toxic products are excellent for cleaning hardwood floors and painted walls.

4. Safer surfaces. When it comes to dirt and stains, carpet fibers and padding bear the brunt of the damage. To intensively clean carpeted surfaces, most people use the strongest cleaning solutions that leave behind chemical residues. Using organic cleaning solutions means that kids and pets who love rolling around on the carpet are not exposed to toxic chemical residues.

5. It works. Green cleaning products can perform just as well or even better than traditional cleaning products. With a trained professional that knows sustainable and eco-friendly practices, enjoy a clean house without the harmful residues and air pollutants.

PurMaid LLC is locally owned and operated and provides professional green cleaning services to Tucson homes and businesses. Special offer: three labor hours of cleaning, just $75. Connect at 520-331-2629 or See ad, page 18.



PurMaid LLC provides professional green cleaning services to Tucson homes and businesses. Locally owned and operated. Special offer: 3 labor hours of cleaning, just $65. See ad for details. Read More ยป