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Getting Men to Yoga Class

Yoga is for people of any sex, any race and any age. Sadly, there are far fewer men in yoga classes. Maybe because yoga has mostly been advertised to women. This may lead men to not even consider it an option for their health. He may think it’s great that the women in his life enjoy yoga as a form of fitness, but prefer sports or a gym for his own physical health.
For some men, trying partner yoga can be a fun introduction to the ways that yoga can benefit all bodies. Those who have never tried yoga may find partner yoga to be a fun, accessible way to try it out. Since men tend toward shorter, stronger muscles they can have more stiffness and inflexibility.
Many people assume they are not flexible enough for yoga. Consider instead, that thinking you are too stiff for yoga is like saying you are too dirty to take a bath.
Yoga is simply stretching and warming the muscles in a way that is beneficial to the whole body, mind and spirit. It’s time to see more men give it a try.

Trish Harris, owner and teacher at Divine Journey Yoga, teaches gentle yoga geared toward seniors. She has seen the benefits of this simple practice in her life and the lives of her students. Both online and in-person classes are available. Connect at 520-490-4012, [email protected] or

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