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Humans as Master Creators: Manifesting Program

Anna Mana Ra

Anna Mana Ra

Anna Mana Ra, Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach at Higher Heart Healing, is offering special summer pricing on her digital program content at, including her Greater Than Gold program, which focuses on how to manifest in your life.
“Our ability to envision what we desire in our lives, and in our external realities, really comes effortless to humans using our own imagination. It’s why we are universally known as ‘Master Creators’,” explains Mana Ra. “By using your own imagination to envision the life you want, you are sending out the vibration and frequency of that which your heart desires. Your higher heart is also known as ‘the Seat of the Soul’ and holds all your intentions. Your intentions will always get you that which you desire in your life.”
In the Greater Than Gold program, participants will create a practical and manageable Abundance List, with strategies that teach them flow and how to process the limiting belief systems in their life that undermine their fortunes.
“Try this this week: combine your imagination to visualize that which your heart desires, and set the intention that it is already yours. These are the primary building blocks of manifesting,” says Mana Ra.

For more information, call 313-303-0651, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 13.

Higher Heart Healing LLC - 5930 East Pima Street Ste 108 Tucson AZ

Higher Heart Healing LLC - 5930 East Pima Street, Ste 108, Tucson, AZ

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