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Abdominal Massage During Colon Hydrotherapy

People are suffering from increased abdominal and intestinal stress, so much so that their quality of life is affected. One of the wonderful things about colon hydrotherapy is the abdominal massage the person receives during their session.
Given the current pandemic of metabolic syndrome (MetS), the massage is even more important. The distended or protruding abdomen is one of the key characteristics of MetS. Most people experience visceral fat or fat around the intestines, and distension from gas. The majority of gas is due to the fermentation of processed foods, seed oils and added sugars.
During a colon hydrotherapy session, the person relaxes on their back while they receive an inflow of water. With a small amount of pressure, the water is released and flows out. During that outflow, the therapist massages the abdomen, feeling for
bulbous and disconnected areas, and areas that do not move.
The idea is to get activation and a flow going from one area of the large intestines to
another, from the cecum below the liver, to the transverse across the client’s center and finally to the exit, the descending colon on the client’s left side leading to the rectum and anus. The colon hydrotherapy and massage help connect one area of the gut to another. The massage helps the activation of the gut muscles and elimination of waste, mucus and gas.
Today, people are suffering a slowdown is their motility—the ability of their gut muscles to move and peristalt. With successful peristalsis, muscles of the gut (like those of the heart) expand and contract to move matter through the system. Part of the role in colon hydrotherapy is to bring the large intestines back to movement, activation and elimination. The massage is key in this work, along with the water.

Sheila Shea is a licensed massage therapist and Director of Intestinal Health Institute, in Tucson. Connect at 520-325-9686, [email protected] or

Sheila Shea


Sheila Shea MA is Board Certified with 41 years of colon hydrotherapy experience. The Intestinal Health Institute offers intestinal nutritional support and detoxification protocols to a... Read More » 

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