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The Power of Befriending Your True Self

Sep 30, 2022 07:30AM ● By Deb Beroset
We spend so much time trying to figure out how to do life. We read books, we search for answers, we wish for certainty. Consider the one thing that makes the difference is discovering how best to do YOU.
What would it look like to really do you? Like a virtuoso, I mean. I’m talking about advancing to where you’re a master of YOU-ness who’s flouncing around all sparkly and bold and leaving good vibes in her wake, even if she’s just zipped out real quick to pick up a bottle of wine and some cheese. Where she goes, magic happens—it just does.
That kind of person. That kind of life. You want to know how to get some of that? Here’s the answer: It begins with self-love, babycakes.
Maybe you’re thinking, “Enough with the self-love already.” Fine. I have another way of serving up this dish. Think about this in terms of friendship. I want you to get seriously interested in befriending yourself. Because when you are befriended by yourself, you become next-level brilliant about how to be the happiest, most self-expressed you.
What does that look like? It begins with curiosity, as you might bring to any new friendship when you feel that first spark of oh-wow-she-seems-cool. Except in this case, you’re leaning in and curious and dancing with some beautiful questions about you: What matters to me now? What makes me come alive? What does my Soul desire?
    Your soul knows when you’re really listening versus getting distracted by your phone, by the way. She starts to speak up more, she tugs on your sleeve and whispers things in your ear at just the right time. She tells the truth. Your truth.
And that’s the kind of friend you want to have. New ideas emerge about what delights you. You treat yourself to interesting excursions. You order what you really want from the menu of life.
And in the tough moments? Being your own best friend is the best soulful comfort food ever—because when you’re scared or disappointed or discouraged, you speak to yourself the way a loving friend would.
When in doubt, ask what kind of friend you’re being to yourself right now. The more you embrace your own shortcomings, flaws, gifts and uniqueness—as you would a perfectly imperfect friend you love to pieces no matter what—the sweeter life gets.

Deb Beroset is a creative muse and mentor of delight based in Marietta, GA, and serving women across the U.S. She is the founder of Moxie, offering workshops, private coaching, virtual classes, retreats and the online membership Club Moxie. Connect at [email protected]. See ad, page 11.

Moxie Soul Spa  Club Moxie - NA Marietta GA

Moxie Soul Spa + Club Moxie - NA, Marietta, GA

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