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The Balance of Yin Yoga

Let’s talk about a balanced yoga practice. This starts with acknowledging the different energies in the body: yin and yang. The idea of yin and yang comes to us from Chinese medicine. Yang energy is more warm, dynamic and moving, while yin is cool, quiet and still.
Our bodies are an interesting combination of these two different energies. The yang parts of the body are the blood which moves constantly, the muscles that work and warm, the breath flowing and fluids moving. The yin parts of the body are quieter and like less movement: the bones, tendons and ligaments.
Because these yin parts of the body don’t like as much movement or heat, they seem to respond better to slow, quiet and cool states. Yin yoga is the perfect tool to rejuvenate and strengthen the yin joints with gentle long stretches.
Estimating that the body is about one-third yin and two-thirds yang, one might try doing yin yoga about one third of the time. If practicing yoga three times a week one of those might be a yin yoga class. In this way, we find a balance in our bodies between the yin and the yang.

Trish Harris, owner and teacher of Divine Journey Yoga, teaches mostly
retirees how to stretch, strengthen and balance by starting right where they are. Life is a journey and so is a yoga practice. Connect at 520-490-4012,

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