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Quick Tips for Better Mental Well-Being

Oct 31, 2022 03:00PM ● By Trish Devitt
There are hundreds of aspects to mental well-being. Consider these three meaningful ones:

• We can direct our thoughts, not the other way around.
• Living authentically.
• Finding an inner peace.

How can we attain those states?
Observe your thoughts—without judgement. Acknowledge them, then remind yourself: “I am not my thoughts. I can direct my thoughts where I choose.” Have a go-to thought or affirmation that helps you reclaim your power if you find your thoughts trying to run away with you.
Pay attention to and trust your inner promptings. No one knows what’s right for you except you. Even if you feel you can’t act on it now, journal about it. You are becoming aware of what your inner self is communicating to you, and you will gradually become more in touch with and able to live your authentic life.
Get support from others. Transformational coaching, vibrational healing and guided meditations can all help release unhealthy patterns, access your inner knowing and develop confidence to live your true self. This will lead to heart-mind coherence and inner peace.

Trish Devitt is a Transformational Coach and Advanced Frequency Therapist with over 20 years of experience helping people transform their lives and health. She offers custom sessions and workshops in person at LSpa in Marana, in Tucson, or virtually. Connect at 520-261-5194, [email protected] or

Trish Devitt

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