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Cleansing Our Energy to Create a Happier State of Mind

Energy creates matter. Being vigilant of our energy within is important because it has a frequency, and that frequency impacts and organizes matter.
We are surrounded by energy fields—in the world, the people around us and the thoughts we hold and give strength to. We choose to give it meaning, and thereby energy. Thoughts of fear and negative judgment are limiting and constricting. Our cells respond to the energy we choose, so we want to be aware of where our focus goes.
Many experiments have been done to demonstrate the power of prayer and meditation on water, for example. Observing water under a microscope, putrid water was just an ugly globe without shape or specific forms. After prayer, that same water showed up as beautiful crystals and clarity. Our bodies are 70 percent water. How are we directing that water, those fluids within us, to form and create matter within us?
It is not easy to hold positive thoughts in our mind when the world around us is full of fear and uncertainty. And yet, we can change how we respond to it. Connecting with a higher Source and seeing the good, while forgiving what is not uplifting our energy, is possible.
We take showers almost daily to cleanse the outside of our body. How are we cleansing our energy? It can easily be done almost daily without taking a lot of time. We can release the negative energy simply by tapping on certain meridian points. The ancient Chinese knew how to do it, why not use the proven method? Today we can apply this almost any time to let go of damaging feelings of stress, anxiety, fear and so many other harmful energies. We can be free of our damaging emotions.
Don’t let the world dictate what you feel. You are in charge, and you deserve a happy state of mind. Let’s do it together and return to better health and a calmness that
creates a happy body. Your energy creates the matter of your body.

Maria Kingsley is an EFT practitioner, hypnotherapist and Ordained Ministerial Counselor. Connect at 520-780-0170, [email protected] or

MARIA KINGSLEY  EFT Practitioner Certified Hypnotherapist - NA Tucson AZ

MARIA KINGSLEY, EFT Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist

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