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We Have the ‘Write’ to Heal

Kim Green

Kim Green

According to Mental Health America, “over half of adults with a mental illness do not receive treatment, totaling over 27 million adults in the U.S. who are going untreated.” What can we expect when natural disasters, gun violence, trauma, disease and death are everywhere? We either wear a brave face or turn our fear into rage, substance abuse or numbness. Losing control can bring up palpable feelings that result in negative behaviors that we overlook.
Unthinkable things trigger fear for the future or traumas from our past. Suppressing discomfort may seem like the only way to cope, but it is harmful. When one elects not to be treated by a therapist because they haven’t been officially diagnosed, troubling feelings still need attention. Religion, spirituality, exercise and hobbies do distract. However, writing is a proven therapeutic tool that helps tackle feelings and restore balance.
“Deep disclosure improves mood, objective and subjective health and the ability to function well,” according to PhDs James W. Pennebaker and Joshua Smyth. Their classic study tasked 50 healthy undergraduates with writing about traumatic experiences for four days. After, participants reported more positive moods and fewer illnesses.
Yes, writing has a bad rap for being a laborious chore that you hope never to do again. The good news is that “writing” has changed. Without the pressure of spelling, grammar or criticism, therapeutic writing has proven to be miraculous for adults who seek to heal from past trauma. Therapeutic writing needs no destination or applause. It is an effective healing balm for your soul.

Kim Green, owner of Blank Page Consulting, is an award-winning author, blogger and copywriter. BPC offers introductory group writing experiences as well as longer programs for writers. In 2023, Therapeutic Writing Experiences will be offered. Connect at 678-938-2777 or

Kim Green

Blank Page Consulting

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