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Make Your Own Luck

Dec 30, 2022 09:00AM ● By Dale Bruder
Rabbits in nature are observant, curious and quick to react. The fourth animal of the Chinese Zodiac, Rabbit represents strategies for less stable, less predictable than usual times. The future is clouded, like Rabbits’ nearsightedness, masking surprises until right up against their nose. Quick to flee, Rabbit’s luck is to escape.
Spontaneous and playful, Rabbit makes life look easy, is charismatic and charming, yet is not adventurous. Rabbit will run rather than be confrontational, not out of cowardliness but from being conservative in action and expenditure.
Beginning around the 2023 January New Moon, the Year of the Rabbit guides the approach to emotional and rational reality in thought and action. Rabbit is lucky but does not gamble or risk, instead attracting opportunity; they do not need to win. Less interested in kudos, Rabbit treasures freedom.
All this said, Rabbit needs surprises to mix things up. In times of instability and unpredictability, safety is precarious. Rabbit spontaneity, protected by standards and boundaries, provides safety.
To be like a Rabbit of the Chinese Zodiac, protect yourself and generate your own luck. Focus on a personal practice, on earnestly investing in yourself and taking care of others. Make life look easy by being upbeat within established boundaries—yours and others’—hopping through difficult patches, patiently resolving means and matters.
Do not get into dilemmas by adventuring; accept you’re not going to pull a rabbit out of a hat in some magical moment. Back away, contemplate a resolution, do not force a conclusion.
Cultivate charisma by being enthusiastic and humble. A high level of energy will get you noticed, while humility will make you accessible and likable. Rabbit attracts by gentility.
Be innocently curious like Rabbit. In a Zen way, you do not know what you don’t know. Innocence is not the same as ignorance. Innocence combines honesty, purity and respect for simplicity. Ignorance is just plain dumb. Do not be ashamed to admit you don’t know. Coming from a beginner’s mind, others will want to help you. Consciously keeping an open mind puts you in touch with your playful side.
Simplify others’ lives by being helpful and encouraging. Generosity attracts others generosity. Acts of generosity cause others to admire you went out on a limb for them. The returned favor appears like a lucky break.
Give others credit for your expertise, let them own a piece of you. Seek the advice of key people and let them share credit for your achievements, and they will help you make good luck happen.
Fireproof your bridges. Put on a happy face—even in difficult situations. Don’t wind up on important people’s radar screens as a problem. Get over disappointment; prepare for the next opportunity.
Cultivate your luck in these ways and, like Rabbit, attract spontaneous, playful opportunities. You will be surprised how lucky life becomes.

The Tao Time Way is a pragmatic approach to discern the time you are in and the developmental path that lays before you by accessing and interpreting the I Ching. Readings are available on the moon phases. Connect at

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