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How to Start Fresh in the New Year

Dec 30, 2022 09:00AM ● By Deb Beroset
As we move from one year into the next, it’s important to take a breath. Pause. Hit the reset button. Here’s how you can give yourself the gift of a truly fresh start in 2023.

Say a proper goodbye to 2022. It’s powerful to complete one phase before moving on to the next. Jot down some of the gifts of this year in your own life. What did you accomplish? In what ways did you grow? What did you learn about yourself and what’s important to you?

Discover your Word for 2023. Choosing a Word to be your dance partner for the year can be a tool of true transformation. Especially when the Word isn’t intended to “fix” something. Give your Inner Muse the run of the place, and your intuition will guide you to the perfect Word for this time in your life.

Imagine what that Word is inviting into your life. Let’s say your Word for 2023 is “sparkle”. How might “sparkle” get expressed in the area of health and vitality, for example? Or love and relationships? Brainstorm ideas and actions your Word might inspire in each domain of your life.

Make a plan to pursue something that excites you. And then do it. Pay attention to options that really get your neurons zinging. Pick one. Then make a concrete plan to make it happen. Take the first step, even if it’s a baby step. Now you’re on your way.

Find people who, like you, are interested in aliveness. Hang out with them.
We are social animals. We do some of our best work and magic in the world and live our best lives when we connect with others in meaningful ways. Seek out kindred spirits with whom you can share pretty much anything and feel safe and seen.

Be kind. Especially to yourself. Life can be challenging, and our souls’ yearnings often go unheeded. It’s time to dish up some serious love and kindness, and you get a big bowl just for you. You are worthy of having your year—your life—be shaped by your deepest desires and intentions.

Deb Beroset is a creative muse and mentor of delight serving women across the U.S. as the founder of Moxie. If you are interested in being guided through the process of discovering your perfect Word, registration is now open for her Create Your Magical Year 2023. In this two-hour online workshop, participants will bid farewell to 2022, find their Word and create a plan for having life reflect this magic, including next steps to take. To learn more and register, visit See ad, page 10.

Moxie with Deb Beroset  CLUB MOXIE - NA Marietta GA

Moxie with Deb Beroset + CLUB MOXIE - NA, Marietta, GA

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