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Four Ways to Use Creative Thought Forms to Transform Life

Receiving a greater creative power and control of one’s mind would be an asset. Individuals use vision boards to make a picture to help them realize projects and goals. Thoughtforms can be used to expand one’s mind to imagine, to heal, to reach goals
and to positively control emotions.
Here are four keys that work together to expand an individual’s lower and higher consciousness using thoughtforms. This practice develops increased sensitivity in analyses of conditions, things and people. One’s inner guide becomes more prominent in personal awareness. Step four mentions the inner guide.

  • Use thoughtforms that relate to geometry. The object or shape must       be based in reality, such as a circle, trapezoid, square or chalice. Begin with a small shape such as a cylinder, the size of an oatmeal box or smaller, and then expand it to envelop the whole body. The mind has the power of expansion. It takes practice as co-creator with God.
  • Work with color. Embellish the thoughtform with beautiful color drawn mentally within the object. See examples at
  • Give the visualization a tone. Endow the thought creation with a musical tone (high C) and picture now a solid object.
  • First, purify personal consciousness with the violet flame, a spiritual light brought here by Saint Germain. Practice begins with prayer and using Violet Flame mantras ( The violet flame is a Holy Spirit energy. Each person has a direct connection to Christ, one’s inner guide (middle figure) in the chart of the divine self—the highest thoughtform; it shows your own relationship to God (top figure).

Mark Prophet recommends doing this only for five minutes, twice a day. Prepare for a larger alchemy. More tips can be found in the book Creative Thought Forms by E.C Prophet. A free workshop will be held February 26 (see calendar, page 31).

Rosalinda Siciliano is an educator for all ages, dedicated to bringing beauty and truth to humanity. She holds two international Montessori diplomas and is a graduate of Summit University, where science and religion meet. Connect at [email protected].

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