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Free ‘Write to Heal’ Pilot Program Starting Soon

Kim Green & Marcia Williams

Kim Green & Marcia Williams

Write to Heal’s Pilot Program is underway. With only a few spots left, the free pilot program will launch April 12 through May 3. The second pilot program will be held in September. The four-week program will consist of eight participants, with four, 90-minute sessions each covering universal trauma-focused experiences. The pilot will be led by award-winning author, Kim Green, and Licensed Therapist, Marcia Williams, LPC.
With the belief that all traumatic experiences follow the same recovery process, participants will be encouraged to share in a confidential group environment, to feel empowered to put their thoughts and feelings into words as a part of the healing process. Each session will include a brief writing exercise to familiarize participants with the art of written expression. The goal is to inspire participants to explore and articulate their own trauma.
Each session will start with a brief meditation and a therapeutic look at that week’s topic, followed by sharing and group discussion. The topic of each session will be explored through a therapeutic lens as well as a “creative” discovery lens. Participants will then be asked to spend the week writing about their trauma for personal processing, with the option of sharing their written piece with the group. Each Zoom session will feature a private “break-out” room for individuals to work through triggered feelings, if they arise, with Williams.
Williams is an experienced psychotherapist with expertise working with couples, groups and individual therapy. She specializes in domestic abuse, drug addiction, marriage and family dynamics. For more information, contact her at 240-971-8745.

For more information about participating in the pilot, text or call 678-938-2777.

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