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Water, the Way Nature Intended, with Natural Action Water Revitalization

When water is exposed to toxic thoughts, chemicals, materials and environments, it remembers and stores the unnatural vibrations of these insults deep within its molecular framework. Water remembers toxic substances like cadmium, lead, mercury, chemical solvents, estrogen, dioxin, plant protection agents, lacquers, acids, artificial fertilizer, phosphates, bleach, softener and more.
This memory cannot be removed by any form of filtration, and the toxic effects of these memories remain until they are naturally “cleared” or “cleansed”.
Water also remembers the healthy, energetic side of all life on earth and serves as the conduit for its expression. Research carried out by Nobel Prize winner, Professor Luc Montagnier, revealed that water and DNA responded identically to many outside stimuli and can actually be programmed or “organized” by electromagnetic and sonic frequencies in the form of photons (light waves) and phonons (sound waves).
Natural ionization is the missing link in water quality. We can bring mountain spring quality water into our homes and on the go through biomimicry—the study and implementation of natural water purification. Natural ionization provides water vitality and structured water the way nature intended.
Water revitalization is the process of making dormant water into a sophisticated communication system which becomes a subtle influencer of all things. The result is living water—natural water with restored vigor.
Designed to mimic nature through motion and material interface, installing a whole-house water revitalizer unit structures and ionizes the water coming into the home, clearing the toxic memory of the water.
These water systems increase energy and clarity through ionic technology by increasing photonic and biofield energy. Increased bioavailable oxygen means better hydration and increased absorption, by reducing surface water molecule tension. The water structuring process in return reduces toxins and free radicals by altering the molecular and energetic structure.

Brian Johnson is CEO of Senergy360, where he is a building biologist and general contractor working to bring optimized living solutions and approaches to modern living, creating safe, sustainable living environments. Senergy360 offers Quantum-Infused Healing Water Systems that are hand-crafted to integrate filtration and ionization technologies. Connect 951-634-3588 or See ad, page 7.

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