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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Balance and Rejuvenate with Trinfinity8

Trinfinity8 is here to reawaken the spark of life and youth, to remind us who we really are. It amplifies intention to come into greater alignment with the Higher Self. The Trinfinity8 Rejuvenation System works by delivering frequency (mathematical) codes of instructions to the cells through three of the body’s five sensory channels, plus the acupuncture meridians.
The Trinfinity8 technology addresses a wide range of issues, including physical, psychological, mental, emotional and the spiritual body. Trinfinity8 may help with balancing all body systems, detoxification, emotional balance, sleep, less stress and better and clearer energy. It may transition the body system into a more optimal function—thinking clearly and feeling stronger, more empowered, centered, balanced and connected.
Trinfinity8 can help raise vibrations to match the speed of life, by increasing personal peace and harmony in the evolution of consciousness.
Keep open, and welcome inner dialogue with the Higher Self. This is the real key. Trinfinity8 opens the door to more harmony and integration. Aligning the many levels of body, mind and spirit—it infuses the path with more integrity, vitality and grace—the way life is meant to be.

AlphaStar Healing offers Trinfinity8 services to rejuvenate the entire body. Increase spiritual awareness, total energy restoration, stress reduction, balance health and nutrition, skin, hair and face renewal, weight management and body sculpting. Connect at 520-250-3871, [email protected] or

Alphastar Healing - 25622 E Fort Lowell Rd Tucson AZ

Alphastar Healing - 25622 E Fort Lowell Rd, Tucson, AZ

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