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Dental Health Tips for Men

Everyone should be taking good care of their teeth and gums, but did you know that this can mean different things for men and women? That’s right: men and women are different in their oral health, which is why we’re giving guys a few tips for how to keep those smiles clean and healthy.
Men tend to neglect to schedule regular dental exams. There is a dangerous tendency to want to tough it out even if they suspect something might be wrong. Twice-yearly dental exams are recommended, even when you’re confident nothing is wrong. Like many other serious issues in the body, no pain is detected when dealing with a serious illness until the disease is a much larger issue.
Make brushing and flossing a priority. One significant difference between men’s and women’s oral health is that men tend to be less diligent than women in taking care of their smiles. Up to 20 percent of men are less likely to change their toothbrushes or brush heads regularly. Brushing twice a day or after meals will lead to much healthier gums and teeth. However, at the very least brushing and flossing once a day at bedtime will ensure teeth stay clean when salivary flow is reduced while sleeping.
On average, men are more likely to drink, smoke and chew tobacco than women, which puts them at higher risk of tooth loss, periodontitis (advanced gum disease), tooth loss and oral cancer. Avoiding these harmful substances will go a long way to protecting your teeth and gums.
Men are more at risk of dry mouth. Because men are more prone to heart disease and high blood pressure than women, they are more likely to be taking medications for these conditions. Dry mouth is a common side effect of these medications, which can pose serious problems for oral health. We need our saliva to wash away bacteria and food particles and keep the pH of our mouths neutral. Less saliva means a higher chance of cavities, gum disease and halitosis.
Men should be wary of getting into a “tough guy” mindset. Getting regular dental cleanings or exams can reduce chances of cavities or gum disease, and skipping brushing and flossing not only will reduce self-confidence and lead to halitosis or bad breath, but it can also lead to more serious oral and health problems.
The mouth is truly the gateway to your body, so don’t be a stranger to the dentist.

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