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The Befores and Afters of Wellness Travel

Aug 31, 2023 09:00AM ● By Deb Anderson
Have you ever wondered why the anticipation of your trip can be better than the trip itself? Or you had an amazing wellness retreat, you arrive back home exhausted and wondering where did all the amazingness go? It all boils down to expectations. Here’s how to take care of yourself before and after your wellness travel trip.

Manage Your Expectations
We think everything is supposed to go smoothly and perfectly on travel day. But what if we expected to have an experience? What if we set our intention to be curious (instead of grumpy) and wondered, “How will this travel day go? Who will I meet? What obstacles will I overcome?  I know I will get to my destination, but I wonder how this will all play out today.”
Traveling is the experience we are supposed to have, no matter what happens. Do not bang your fist on the gate agent’s counter when the flight is delayed (that will not help). Instead, get curious about what your options are. Arguing with the reality of any situation is a waste of your time and your energy. The sooner you can move on to a solution-focused mindset, the more enjoyable your trip will be.

Manage Your Brain
When we remove ourselves from our day-in and day-out, to-do-list life, it can be easier to take a break, to relax and to truly rest. This is why wellness travel is so amazing—and it is possible to re-create the experience for yourself when you get back home.
Here’s how: Manage your brain. Use the experience you just had. What were you thinking? Examples might be: “This is amazing,” “I love this place,” “I feel amazing.” Now, plug that thinking into your life at home. Where could it fit? How can you create an environment where it is easy for you to think those thoughts when you are back in your house with the to-do list, the job, the spouse?
It is possible. It requires becoming aware of what you are thinking and why you are thinking it. This is the key to life.

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