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What is Medical Intuition?

Medical Intuition is the use of intuition to “look” at another person or animal clairvoyantly, with the intention of “seeing” health conditions in the physical body as well as in the biofield (aura).
Medical Intuitive readings are based on expanded perception gained through the development of the human sense of intuition, also referred to as the “clairs”. The clairs are: clairvoyance (intuitive seeing), clairaudience (intuitive hearing), clairsentience (intuitive feeling), claircognizance (intuitive knowing), clairalience (intuitive smelling) and clairgustance (intuitive tasting). Considered within the emerging field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), Medical Intuition focuses on in-depth intuitive scanning and visualization skills to obtain information from the physical body and biofield.
A Medical Intuitive primarily utilizes clairvoyance and sometimes the other clairs to view and assess an individual’s physical body, along with their unique biofield or energy system. “Biofield” is a generalized term for the chakras, electromagnetic field and other energetic structures that are part of every person’s living energy field that can be measured with scientific equipment.
Because clairvoyant viewing is done via intuition, readings can be performed over distance by phone, internet platforms (such as Zoom) or in person. A typical Medical Intuitive reading will start with clairvoyant viewing of the entire physical body, followed by focusing in on areas that are of concern. After delving into the physical dimension, a Medical Intuitive will then move on to looking at energies related to physical body challenges. Many of us hold past trauma, unconscious belief systems, life events and judgements in our bodies and biofield that are inhibiting us from achieving better health. Medical Intuition holds the potential to bring these unconscious energies (that may be obstacles to better health) into conscious awareness. Once conscious awareness is gained, many clients are able to release whatever has been holding them back from healing and achieving happier, overall healthier lives.
Medical Intuition is a valuable tool whereby underlying issues may be discovered that diagnostic testing may never find, thus saving the client time, expense and discomfort.
However, Medical Intuition is not a substitute for working with licensed medical professionals, such as a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor or mental health specialist. It works with these other professionals, often helping to put the puzzle pieces of one’s medical challenges together to achieve a better picture and treatment plan. In this manner, Medical Intuition can often save time and be cost-effective, offering pertinent information and helping to hone a more focused approach to care options.

Danielle Dvorak is a Medical Intuitive in the Tucson area. Connect at 847-323-9188 or

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