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Natural Approaches for A Cold, Cough, Flu and Sore Throat

Dec 01, 2023 12:01PM ● By Danielle Dvorak
Western (allopathic) medicine does not work very well for some of us beyond the diagnostic tools, which are excellent. More “natural” or alternative solutions seem to be much more in alignment with our energy. What’s offered here is based on personal experience, so take what works for you and leave behind whatever does not.
What can we do when we are sick with a cold, flu or cough? How can we prevent getting sick?
You can learn what works well for you, depending on the symptoms. Witness as you try things, observe reactions and get to know your body well. Energy test for supplements and remedies. Be careful around seasonal and temperature changes outside, and protect yourself from wind, cold, dampness and drafts. They can be tough on a human body.
To help prevent illness, you can keep your immune system strong by eating well and taking vitamin D3. This nutrient/hormone is easy to supplement and an effective support for the immune system. We need much more than most of us think we do. You might also consider some type of fish oil or cod liver oil if you’re not vegan.
For some, discovering food intolerances or sensitivities/allergies can be huge. Eliminating gluten and dairy from the diet may prevent getting sick every winter. Do you notice that this happens to you after the holidays, usually in early January? Try completely avoiding gluten and dairy—your immune system may now be able to ward off whatever bug is going around. True freedom.
There are the old standbys of vitamin C and the herbs echinacea and goldenseal. You may also think about eating and drinking more probiotic foods or taking some probiotic supplements. Do it preventively, too. The majority of our immune system is in the gut.
Anything to alkalinize the body, like fresh greens or green powders for a drink, is useful. Most people’s metabolisms are simply too acidic. Gargling with a good mineral-rich salt (Himalayan or Celtic) in water is an ages-old remedy that has survived due to its efficacy.
There are homeopathic remedies for colds, coughs and the flu. To find the right one, we have to get specific with the symptoms. Each cold, bronchitis, flu or cough has its own uniqueness and specific symptoms. In other words, not all colds and sicknesses are alike. The symptoms are clues that point to the right remedy.
The flu remedy Oscillococcinum can be wonderful for flu and can zap it very quickly. It can also be taken preventively, as they do in France rather than vaccinating.
Natural antibiotics can be extremely effective. They zap destructive bacteria, support the immune system and do not destroy healthy bacteria in the gut, like pharmaceutical antibiotics do. Energy test or check in with your intuition to see which of these may be best for you: olive leaf capsules, oregano oil capsules, grapefruit seed extract, garlic, tea tree oil, propolis. Additionally, Argentyn 23 or Sovereign Silver liquid hydrosols can be taken internally, used as a spray for sore throat or injected in the nose. They are also highly effective for stomach flu and food poisoning.
When something gets entrenched and hangs on, you might consider acupuncture. It is great for getting the energy moving, and a well-trained acupuncturist may also recommend some Chinese herbs. With colds, people often have wind and cold in their body in one or more organs. Practitioners who are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine typically excel at moving this wind and cold energy out.
So, how do you choose? Use your intuition and critical thinking and learn how to energy test for the best supplement/remedy for any given condition. You will learn to trust what you are drawn to, then observe and learn. You might also consider seeing an alternative medical practitioner, such as a Naturopathic Physician ( or Functional Medicine Doctor
( that can help you in creating optimal health.
It’s not as hard as it may appear to learn how to use natural remedies to zap colds, the flu and more. The trick is to do something immediately when symptoms begin to present themselves—and know that your body is an amazing, energetic healing machine.

Danielle (Rain) Dvorak is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher who is also certified in Tibetan Sound Healing and Aromatherapy, a Biofield Balance/Soul Path Intuitive Reader, an E-RYT200 Yoga Teacher, Akashic Records Guide, Certified End of Life Mentor and Feng Shui Practitioner. Connect at 847-323-9188, [email protected] or

Dvorak is not a doctor or licensed medical professional. Here, she shares some of her approaches to health challenges that clients regularly ask about. Check with a licensed medical professional and your own wisdom before following the advice offered here.

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