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The Potency of Wood Dragon Energy

Jan 31, 2024 11:00AM ● By Dale Bruder

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The Year of the Wood Dragon is a potent time. Proceeding from February 10, 2024 to January 28, 2025, the Chinese zodiac animal influence is available both in the background and foreground. Wood Dragons’ last appearance was 1964, next appearance in 2084.

Wood provides Dragon a humble quality that masks auspicious strengths and powers. Last year’s Rabbit provided lucky breaks and fortuitous gifts. Inquiring into Wood Dragon resourced by personal development and confidence in mastered disciplines now comes in handy.

Where the Dragon naturally abounds in strength, wisdom, luck and prosperity, the influence of Wood emphasizes growth, creativity and flexibility. Both fold nicely together for building legacy. All inquiries are made humbly—not rushing to conclusions or making assumptions.

Applying the potency of the dragon described in the ancient Chinese zodiac requires a solid foundation in mundane reality to stand on and a vision to pursue. The accessible energy spans distinct time and space, is resourced by an inherent developmental discipline to stay within boundaries and the committed energy to carry through. Cloak your inquiry in the Wood Dragon exhibiting a pragmatic streak of optimism, ambition and adventuring. Be up to something. Here are three potent ways to access the ways of Wood Dragon: fast and hot or a bright flash or glowing coals.

Fast and hot is a marauding dragon diving down on the landscape destroying, cleansing, sweeping everything away. This is the Dragon preparing for new beginnings. Wood Dragon plows the field under, breaking up what was before. The complacent or traditional will not welcome the action, yet it is necessary. Effective times to use fast and hot are at seasonal changes and the beginning of initiatives.  

A bright flash like lightning, a volcano eruption, a super nova or an idea whose time has come sparks a pure moment between before and after. This is Dragon initiating new beginnings. A messiah, a churn in the planets’ fabric, a powerful declaration, a personal or group breakthrough appears. The hero/heroine arc, quick adjustment to new conditions and challenges shake foundations of reality. The bright flash is a release of potential; it occurs at the first sign of new life breaking through the fabric.    
Glowing coals is Wood Dragon forming partnership with social, cultural forces shaping destiny. Dragons don’t care about what others are saying about them and will fructify their creative ideas despite criticism. Being the most auspicious animal of the Chinese zodiac, Dragon, especially when influenced by the Wood element, attracts a trusted counsel of experts to advise them on important matters. These glowing coals sustain the heat needed to mold a new destiny.
Despite being brilliant and intelligent, Wood Dragon occasionally ignores reasoning and follows its instinct. Being a dragon, hot-headed and quick-tempered, engaging in irrational fears leads to disaster. Dragon idealism and perfectionism sans inherent nobility, sincerity and street-smarts leads to narcissism. Without counsel, dragon becomes self-absorbed.

The powerful and potent Wood Dragon will conduct itself intuitively or indistinctly. The first like a laser honing in on a pinpoint, the latter like the out of control broom in Sorcerer’s Apprentice, indiscriminately sweeping away everything in its path.

In order to use Wood Dragon potent energy with integrity first recognize the need. Does the matter at hand call for clearing away? Is the moment ripe? Are structures called for?

Second is committing to action. Bringing enough resources to bear on each stage individually and collectively. Fast and hot is designed to burn out, to fade. A bright flash initiates a new beginning. Sustaining heat concocts a new elixir to nourish destiny, lasting the longest.

Wood Dragon, the most auspicious of the Chinese zodiac animals, provides a vehicle for shaping new realities. The dragon of myth and fairy tales swoops down from the sky on a fiery destructive path, grabs a fair maiden in its clutches and ascends to a lair. Hidden in this distorted tale is potency/fertility after a cleansing. A path to a new destiny, be it light or dark, is available through Wood Dragon.

Dale Bruder has been studying the ebbs, flows and cycles of energies since the 1970s. A researcher and scholar, he has assembled four methods to access the I Ching to shape personal destiny. More can be sourced at