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Men’s Health 101

by Halfpoint on AdobeStock

by Halfpoint on AdobeStock

While focusing on men’s health, the following are basic needs to stay healthy and enjoy your summer.

Research shows the number one thing to do for our health is exercise. This could include: stretching (yoga, flexibility classes), strength training (Pilates, weight training, resistance bands) or cardio (running, cycling, swimming). Get out and move. Try stretching daily, practicing yoga once a week, weight workouts twice a week, Pilates once a week and get three cardio sessions per week of 30-60 minutes.

Next is diet. Eat food rich in vitamins, protein and fiber. There are many types of diets out there and all have their benefits. The greatest insults to our health come from dairy, wheat, sugar and food additives. Medications can also have negative effects on your gut biome. We need protein for repair and brain function, and fruits and vegetables provide nutrients and fiber. We need essential oils for joints and the brain. A poor diet will affect your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from your food and eventually lead to health challenges. Water is also important; however, as temperatures rise and we consume more water, we need to add more electrolytes via fruit or sport drinks.

Check in with your mental health. One must enjoy life! We have to find things that give us joy, whether it’s training, sports, church, clubs, giving back, pets, etc. Try to smile and laugh a lot. If you are having a hard time enjoying life, please seek help from professionals, friends and pastors. You deserve to be happy.

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