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Release Trapped Energies with the Emotion Code Method of Clearing

by XaMaps on AdobeStock

by XaMaps on AdobeStock

We move through life without ever considering what all the emotions are that we feel, and that the effect of them can be causing physical difficulties. Within our subconscious, we store unprocessed emotions in the form of trapped energies. Negative emotions obstruct the flow within us and prevent natural functioning, while positive ones support and heal.

Because we are often not aware of the many unprocessed emotions, we can use the Emotion Code to find them in the subconscious. It is easily looked up, and once found, they can be released without even re-visiting them, whether they occurred in childhood or recently. It is quick and freeing. With love and gratitude, and guidance from above, the trapped emotions are released, never to come back.

This method was developed by Dr. Brad Nelson, and has shown remarkable results. It verifies that trapped emotions are frequently the cause of major or minor physical difficulties due to blockages of energies unprocessed. When we process emotions, we look at them, recognize them as not wanted, and shift to a positive outlook, letting them go.

With the Emotion Code, clearing works within seconds. A traumatic event may have many trapped emotions, but they can all be cleared in due course. Trapped emotions can have many causes, and even be inherited. They can all be released.

Maria Kingsley, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, EFT Practitioner and hypnotherapist, provides Emotion Code services in person and remotely. Connect at 520-780-0170, [email protected] or

MARIA KINGSLEY  EFT Practitioner Certified Hypnotherapist - NA Tucson AZ

MARIA KINGSLEY, EFT Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist - NA, Tucson, AZ

EFT Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist. Are you emotionally overwhelmed, feeling emptiness, pain or anger running you? You can be free and choose better feelings with this energy ... Read More ยป