Heal The Brain and Mitochondria with Wahls Protocol

Those with a neurological disease or autoimmune disorder may want to look into the Wahls Protocol and start choosing foods that may help reverse symptoms of disease. Just ask Dr. Terry Wahls (TerryWahls.com), who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2000 and was in a reclining wheelchair by 2005.

Through her experience with functional medicine, Wahls decided to combine foods that nourish and fortify the brain (to reduce her brain fog) and the mitochondria (to give her energy to make it through her day as a physician). Within five months of starting her own diet plan, Wahls experienced a huge change in her life and a reduction in her symptoms.

Since 2007, Wahls has continued to research the benefits of her diet plan with others diagnosed with MS. She also works with patients diagnosed with dementia, Parkinson’s disease and most autoimmune diseases on incorporating her diet strategies into their lives to reduce symptoms and optimize health.

Wahls spends three days every summer in Iowa, educating people from all backgrounds on how to incorporate her strategies to promote self-healing. She also educates, trains and certifies medical practitioners in how to assist others who wish to incorporate her diet and food recommendations to optimize their own health.

After July 27, Jean Read, PT, will be among one of the first providers in the state of Arizona to be certified in Wahls protocol. For more guidance on how to incorporate her strategies into your daily life, call 956-566-5443. See ad. page 19. 

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