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Cloth Diaper Service Returns to Tucson

With Sun Sprout Cloth Diaper Delivery Service, moms can get clean cotton diapers delivered to their door every week; just leave the old ones out for pick-up. They aren’t the same diapers your grandmother used, either. Modern cloth diapers are soft and absorbent and don’t require safety pins. Gentle ‘Snappies Diaper Fasteners’ hold the baby’s diaper closed. Waterproof diaper covers keep you safe from accidents, too.

Diaper services have been serving families in many American cities for decades and now they are making a comeback because parents are looking for environmentally conscientious alternatives to single-use disposable diapers, which use 20 times more raw materials, three times more energy, two times more water and 60 times more waste than cloth diapers. Sun Sprout washers and dryers are very efficient and use less water and energy per diaper than if you were to wash them yourself at home.

For more information or to set up service, call 520-351-2370 or visit

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