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Preventive Screening for At-Risk Age Group

Mar 28, 2013 07:58AM ● By Lynda Witt

A study conducted at the University of Washington, in Seattle, and St. Charles Health System, in Bend, Oregon, reveals that metastatic breast cancer, the most advanced stage, in younger women of ages 25 to 39 is on the rise.

A new study demonstrates an irregularity in cancer rates that could have a great impact on this demographic. Survival rates for young women with metastatic breast cancer are much lower than for older women because cancer is more aggressive in young women.

These younger women typically have collagen-rich breast tissue that renders mammograms useless and exposes sensitive pre-menopausal breast tissue to radiation that could pose serious risks.

Digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) identifies women most at risk, defining those within normal limits and those with some-to-increased risk factors for the future development of breast disease. Utilizing this technology against a baseline for annual comparisons alerts women years in advance that risk factors for disease have increased (increased lymphatic congestion, hormone imbalance) giving them an opportunity for interventions relating to diet, stress management and other lifestyle choices.

This technology is non-invasive, with no radiation or compression, and is not limited by dense breast tissue. Screening thermography has the opportunity to detect changes at any stage in the development from the first year to whenever a tumor is dense enough to be seen with mammography. This early detection of change can lead to earlier diagnosis and better treatment options, as well as the opportunity for patients and their healthcare practitioners to intervene at an early stage with preventative treatment.

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