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The Case for Energy Healing

Aug 01, 2013 03:24PM ● By Candace Studebaker

Electromagnetic energy is all around us and in us, and is as dynamic as the energy in the universe— it has now been proven, in hundreds of studies from prestigious scientific institutions like John Hopkins and the National Institute of Health, that the subtle energies in the human body support healing. Negative and/or toxic energies that remain in the human body create disease.

Working the 10 parts of the body’s energy system toward balance assists with any illness; chronic or acute; physical or psychological. Using simple techniques, the body’s energy can be manipulated to support the ability to heal, because the flow of the energy in the aura, chakras, meridians and the other seven proven parts of the energy system support the self-healing body to increase the flow of slow, stuck energy, which, according to UCLA Medical Center for Alternative Studies, leads to illness. Once the system is balanced, an individual can perform these techniques on themselves. It’s simple, available, and inexpensive.

Treating the energy system with simple touch to specific areas of the body will help the energy to flow freely to create balance, honoring and nurturing. Performing daily energy techniques will remind the energy system of what to do and how to do it, which it will “remember” and clear the body of toxic energies and toxins.

The beauty of these techniques is their simplicity. Applications include pain, autoimmune diseases, allergies, neurological, cancer treatment, depression, anxiety and diabetes, as well as many other illness or challenges that can be supported and affected by balancing the energy system.

Candace Studebaker is an energy worker and Reiki master. Reach her at 520-818-3848, [email protected] or 

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