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It’s Time for a Good Relationship with EFT

Sep 29, 2013 07:08PM

It’s now fall and with the cooler weather, a good time to fall in love. We all want to be in a good, mutually loving relationship. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help clear any negative patterns that have kept you from being in a healthy relationship. Many poor relationships stem from low self-esteem caused by parental discord and childhood or teenage upset.

Muscle testing can help in determining what is going on in a person’s unconscious mind. For example, a graduate student that was addicted to sweets, alcohol and drugs was attracted to men that were also abusive and addicts. Like many people, she felt she was “not worthy of love” and “not worthy of being nurtured.” Because she was unhappy, she used alcohol and drugs to escape and take her to altered realms of consciousness.

Often, there is a pattern of shame that needs to be cleared before moving into a good relationship. With EFT, the young woman was able to stop many of her addictive patterns, including eating lots of sweets and drinking. Feeling better about herself, she was able to move into a loving relationship with a man that was several years younger.

It is time to clear the negative feelings that are holding you back from being in a wonderful relationship where you feel happy and supported.

Licensed Massage Therapist Phyllis Winslow graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and uses Emotional Freedom Techniques, PSYCH-K, and Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. Contact her at 520-909-3455 or

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