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Hypnosis and Love

When the word love is mentioned, people often think about romantic love, mother’s love or agape which has been described as the affection for a particular person or activity. But what we all really want is to be acknowledged and accepted, and we call this love. Many difficulties and disease come from the lack of love, the lack of feeling worthy or good enough to receive the affections of others. Yet, this belief has usually been adopted when we were children and never been truly examined.

As adults, we have developed the ability to stand back a bit and look at what we believe, and then ask questions. Hypnosis can help us step back, look at these old fears and perceptions with a calm and clear mind. We can ask questions like, “Can I step back and see this from another perspective?” or “Is there a particular part of me that needs healing?”

We can explore and imagine a new way of seeing what used to be fearful. This can be applied to many different aspects of life where there are difficulties, whether it is a weight problem, worries about finances, relationships or spiritual, stressful or emotional situations.

Hypnosis allows us to overcome our reluctance to look at these difficulties and to do so calmly, but it also allows us to replace the old paradigm with healthy and effective methods and thoughts. We all deserve love and affection, and hypnosis is an easy and fun way to change from a worrisome to a happy life.

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