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Proper Preparation Essential for Colonoscopy

Sheila Shea

Colon hydrotherapy is now being used nationally to prepare for colonoscopy, because it provides a chemical-free, gentle approach to cleansing the large intestine. As healthcare consumers, people may choose how to prepare for their colonoscopy. They may take laxatives, cleanse with colon hydrotherapy or do both. The colon, or large intestine, needs to be cleansed of waste for the doctor to get a clear view.

One of the primary uses of  U.S. Food and Drug Administration-registered colon hydrotherapy equipment is before colonoscopy, endoscopy, pill cam and barium X-ray. Barton Memorial is the first hospital in California to offer colon hydrotherapy for colonoscopy preparation, where authorities say, “Patients have the opportunity to use colon hydrotherapy—a process in which a gentle, warm water solution is used to cleanse the colon, while the therapist massages the patient’s abdomen.”

The protocol comprises three sessions before colonoscopy. Clients that are not thoroughly cleansed after the second colon hydrotherapy session are advised to reschedule their colonoscopy, because they need to cleanse thoroughly enough to have a successful colonoscopy. 

A Hebei Medical Journal article of December 2004 found that colon hydrotherapy was 98 percent effective when used for colonoscopy preparation and colon hydrotherapy was evaluated as a successful new approach for colonoscopy preparation. Colonoscopy is an accurate screening and diagnostic device for cancers, inflammation and diverticulosis. 

Sheila Shea, MA, is the director of the Intestinal Health Institute, located at 4427 E. 5 St. Contact her about colonoscopy preparation at 520-325-9686, [email protected] or See ad page 7.

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