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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Evolve Your Brain and Evolve Your Life

Barbara J. Eisele

Each of us has much greater potential for achieving what we dream of doing. We have dreams, but get stuck in trying to implement them. Often, the limiting factors are our beliefs and current perspective. We hold a major key to our health by understanding that the body’s response to stress comes from what we make it mean about us and our future, not the event itself. 

To make significant changes in our life, we must shift our perspective of ourself, others and the world. We are not destined by our genes. We are destined by our thinking, emotions and the story of ourselves, and the world that gets hardwired in our brain by the time we are 35 years old. This perspective causes stress and stress is a major contributor to many acute and most chronic illnesses because it has us operating on autopilot much of the time. This can seriously limit our success by keeping our thinking “inside the box.” Creative expression is fueled by expanding our viewpoint beyond what we already know.

The good news is that neuroscience is showing, through specialized scans and mapping techniques, that the brain can change up until the time we die. Yes, you can “teach an old dog new tricks.” We are in a time of rapid change in our world, and we all need to raise our level of consciousness and find solutions that are outside our current thinking. 

Being aware that we hold important keys to our future health, success and happiness is the first step. The placebo effect is a perfect example when it comes to health. Thoughts are so powerful that they can change our genetic destiny. It has been scientifically proven that people with Parkinson’s disease can start producing dopamine again. Knowing this is essential for us to take responsibility and awaken to our full potential in all areas of our life.

Barbara J. Eisele is the founder and chief inspiration officer of Life Transformations, Now. For more information, call 520-977-0562, email [email protected] or visit