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Strategies to Succeed with New Year’s Resolutions

Only a few weeks ago, we felt excited, motivated and determined to make this new year our year, and now the goal feels too big and too far to make it real. Ninety-five percent of people that make a New Year’s resolution break it by the end of the first month. Here are some practical strategies that can be applied immediately to increase the chances of realizing our goals. 

Create the feeling of making progress. The secret to understanding that we are getting closer to our goals it to feel that we are making progress. Once we experience this feeling, we will gain momentum. 

Envision what we want, not what we don’t want. People usually focus on the wrong goal.

Raise the bar. We consciously say to yourselves: “I will no longer settle for the life I have or the life I’ve lived.” In other words, “I should do…”, becomes, “I must do…”

Change limiting beliefs. “I am too old,” or “I am not tall enough,” or “I am not strong enough,” limit our beliefs. Instead, use statements like, “I can …” or “I must …” affirm our beliefs. When did we decide what we could and could not do in life?

Instill positive rituals. Eliminate rituals that take us on the path of failure and create rituals that encourage success.

Demand more of ourself. Be more productive, more grateful and more loving than what we were last week, last month and last year.

Remember it is not what we get that makes us happy, but what we become when we accomplish our goals.

Hypnotherapy and life coaching can be powerful resources that provide strategies to be used effectively in creating lasting change. A good motto is, “Don’t limit your challenges—challenge your limits.”

For more information, call Dr. Thomas Sepulveda, a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists and owner of ALAS Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching, at 520-885-0575 or visit See ad page 10.