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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Bringing Wholeness to Our New Year

Sarah Hart

There is so much helpful information available these days, yet it can be confusing to understand what we need. Let’s get back to listening to our body’s voice as a means to wholeness. The simplest way to experience wholeness is by starting with ourselves. By listening to the body’s true needs, we relieve the tension in our mind and body.

Perhaps the most obvious theme of 2014 has been our collective quest toward health, an improved diet, peace of mind—the same juicy qualities we are drawn to each January, when ideas for how we should “Detox…or else,” roll out in print and pixel. It’s incredible how we receive an inundation of information in the form of airbrushed fitness models, tall glasses of green stuff and the next exotic supplement we must buy now—along with enough videos and blogs to confuse even the most centered juicing pilgrim, however well-meaning such media are meant to be.

Somehow, the road to experiencing more beauty and ease appears to be muddled. With patience, let’s remind ourselves that we have been wired for renewal, knowing innately which lifestyle adjustments will guide us toward wholeness. By honoring the true needs of our body, we give our mind a much needed break from itself. We can heal and reunify our world just by allowing ourselves the sleep our body asks for, the nourishing foods it dreams of and the types of movement that brings relief and delight.

We return passion and tenderness to our entire world the very moment we choose to foster a healthy level of discernment between what our impulses and mind “tell” us to do, and what our body truly “requests.” A deep pleasure can be found in knowing we are the captains of creating our most whole self possible!

Sarah Hart is a plant-based and raw foods chef in Tucson. Through her company, Sana Raw, she offers classes, chef services and catering. For more information, call 520-820-8244 email [email protected] or visit