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Peer Coaching: Moving Forward In Your life

When someone is ready for self-improvement, it is sometimes hard to decide what kind of supportive structure will work best. Studies have shown that when there are too many options to choose from, often times no choice at all is made. However when the choices were reduced, many individuals were then able to make a decision.

We all have 168 hours in each week and need to make conscious decisions of what we do with that time. We also need to decide which parts of our life we would like back—areas that have been absorbed by bad eating habits, lack of energy or difficult life events.

Depending on the conversation, a therapist, psychiatrist or peer coach may be the best type of “talk” counseling for someone trying to make changes in their life. Some people see a therapist or psychiatrist, in addition to a peer coach to support them in day-to-day decisions and the goal-setting process. Peer coaching focuses on one’s unique goals and provides a supportive structure in which one can restore meaning and purpose in life and move forward in pursuing dreams.

Chris Gwozdz is the founder and owner of Optimism Outfitters, which provides peer-inspired coaching, supported by a customized recovery plan developed collaboratively, for clients struggling with mental illness and addiction. Connect with him at 520-547-0951, [email protected] or

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