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Preventive Screening with Thermography

Research has shown that the chief mechanism involved with all degenerative disease is inflammation. Currently, medical technologies search for disease processes that have already developed. They are looking downstream to the effect rather than upstream at the underlying cause. More advanced healthcare practitioners use instruments and technology that looks upstream for the cause of disease in the body.

Mammograms look for anatomical changes in the breast such as masses or lumps—the end result of physiologic changes. Thermograms analyze the vascular changes in the breast; increased blood into certain regions of the body increases heat in that region. Areas of inflammation, abnormal cell formation and active infection have elevated circulation. Thermal imaging has the ability to detect subtle physiological (thermal) changes that accompany pathology.

The body should naturally have thermal symmetry. Areas of asymmetry can indicate problems and further testing can be performed to determine underlying pathology. Active cancer cells divide very rapidly and demand increased blood flow and nutrient delivery. This results in increased formation of blood cells around these active cancer cells.

Thermography has the ability to pick up this abnormal blood supply often before the cluster is large enough to be noticed as a lump in a breast exam. It is estimated that thermography can detect cancer formation roughly 10 years before mammography can identify a tumor.

Initial thermograms, along with follow-up comparative scans, are a reliable and accurate tool that provides precise and objective data of thermal information. This information can be used in conjunction with other tests for successful diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Thermography is completely painless, noninvasive and involves no compression.

Lynda Witt is a Certified Clinical Thermographer at Proactive Health Solutions, LLC, with 12 years of experience. Connect at 520-235-7036, [email protected] or See ad, page 3.

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