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Healthy Nursery, Healthy Baby

May 01, 2017 06:08PM

Birthing naturally can be extended into having the home and especially nursery as natural as possible. Baby’s skin and other organs are less resistant to toxins absorbed from their environment. Providing eco-conscious clothes, toys, bedding and furniture is a simple way to insure healthy development for a growing baby.

Though there are many different toxins found in conventional baby products, one of the greatest concerns is over flame retardants. The largest sources of flame retardants in a home are sofas and mattresses. Flame retardants are not chemically bound to the foam in these products and easily off-gas into the environment for decades. After off-gassing, the flame retardants become bound to all the dust particles present.

Babies are especially vulnerable to ingesting this flame retardant laden dust, which accumulates in their bodies. Flame retardants can also be inhaled and easily absorbed through the skin. Nursing mothers should take extra care as flame retardants accumulate in breast milk and are passed to the baby. Flame retardants are linked to cancer, infertility, learning disorders, ADD/ADHD and lower IQ.

Interestingly, flame retardant use has not been shown to provide any sort of actual safety benefit. Luckily, mattresses, sofas and pajamas can be safely made to be fire resistant without the necessity for chemical treatment.

Jen Ollman is the owner of Jen’s Organic Home, on Broadway, which specializes in flame retardant-free furniture, mattresses and baby products. Connect at 520-325-0359, [email protected] and See ad, page 12.

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