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Monthly Woes of Aunt Flow

Nearly every woman experiences a monthly menstrual cycle. Many women also experience mood swings, cramping, headaches, back pain and more. It may seem like we can’t fix the symptoms we experience with our cycles, but with the right supplements and diet, we can greatly alleviate these woes.

Classic signs of this monthly hormone imbalance include bloating, back pain, sudden tears, unexplained anger… the list is seemingly endless. Here are some helpful home tips to try at home before seeking professional help for a more severe hormone imbalance. 

Flaxseed oil is a wonderful product to take. Try 2 Tbsp per day to help benefit your system and cycle. Pay attention to who makes the product. Is it fresh? Keep refrigerated. Caution: It’s not an oil you want to heat up.

B-Vitamins are essential for helping the conversation in our system happen more effectively. Be sure to take proper B-Vitamins that are active, good forms. It’s important to note that we can get good and bad products at health food stores and bigger retail stores. Talk to someone who understands the active forms and can provide assistance.

Fiber! It helps move and clean out the intestines in a timely fashion and allows for better movements to occur, which gets those excess hormones out. The goal, after all, is getting hormones on track.

Whole, clean eating is always going to be key.

Try these tips and reach out to a local practitioner that focuses on hormone balance.

Dr. Zahara Sundermeyer is a Naturopathic Physician, born and raised in Tucson. She promotes Life Enhancement Medicine, giving individuals all they need to support their systems and enhance vitality. Connect at 520-396-4866, [email protected] or

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