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Immunity and Posture

There are many great things to do to boost our immunity, including exercise, laughter, meditation, gratitude and a diet high in antioxidants. But, shockingly enough, poor posture can minimize the effectiveness of all of these great practices.

Chronic poor posture most likely indicates that the nervous system is stuck in a fight-or-flight state. This means the body and nervous system are in protective mode against traumatic events that are long past, but are still being replayed over unconsciously. When we are in fight-or-flight, our immunity drops because so much of our energy and attention goes into protection.

In addition to poor posture, other ways we would know that our nervous system is in fight-or-flight include: chronic pain or health issue; difficulty relaxing, sleeping or concentrating; being balance challenged; having poor digestion or circulation; a history of accidents, football, head injury; a mind that won’t shut off; and low energy.

On top of lowering our immunity, having a nervous system in fight-or-flight saps our energy, and decreases the effectiveness of our breathing, digestion and heart. Fortunately, the body has an amazing ability to heal and recover. We can have our nervous system evaluated and adjusted by a Tonal chiropractor to regain our natural state of ease and efficiency.

Dr. Joanne Haupert, D.C. is a chiropractor at Inspired Healing who has helped many people build their immunity and regain their health and vitality. Connect at 520-584-0343, [email protected] or