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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Chiropractic and Integrated Therapies

Since 1895, chiropractic has stood the test of time. Fast forward to 2018, many chiropractors have integrated physiotherapy, nutrition, acupuncture and more.

For example, someone has a sprained ankle. After an examination and possibly X-rays, a chiropractor functionally actives any neurologic imbalances, then performs very gentle mobilization if needed. They will do interferential with ice and elevation, do acupuncture or Low Level Laser Therapy and apply Kinesiotape. In addition nutritionally, they might prescribe joint repair supplements, arnica and biofreeze.

Anti-inflammatory herbs of ginger and turmeric are also very helpful. Severe sprains may require immobilization and pharmacologic medications initially. Once swelling is reduced and some stability is achieved, other modalities like diathermy EMS, massage and Graston are used along with strength, flexibility and proprioceptive rehabilitation.

This integrative approach can and is applied to any musculoskeletal injury, such as whiplash, knee, hip, shoulder, lower back, sciatica and more.

Winterhaven Health Center prides itself on using an integrative approach for faster and stronger recoveries. Connect with Dr. Nathan Conlee, DC, CCSP, DACNB, FACFN, FIACA, LAc, CKTP and Winterhaven Health Center at 520-322-6161 or See ad, page 23.