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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Holistic Healing from the Inside Out and Outside In

Increasingly, from diverse sources, we are coming to the realization that we are primarily made up of energy with very small amounts of matter. It doesn’t seem that way as we look about us, but quantum physics tells us otherwise.

Early experiments with these tiny bits of matter called quarks revealed some interesting facts. At the quantum level, there really isn’t any distinction between objects. Energy flows freely between all objects, including humans. Also, and more importantly for healing, the observer of the energy field can change or direct the flow of the energy particles by thinking about how and where they want the field to flow, i.e., change the outcome.

These results have led to several concepts utilized in energy or Quantum Field Healing (QFH). One is the Law of Attraction, with the primary idea being that we attract what we focus on. If we dwell on being ill, we attract more of the same. If we dwell on health and wholeness, seeing ourselves as whole, without disease, we are more likely to recover and maintain wellness. QFH also aligns with Traditional Chinese Medicine’s belief that disease is the result of energy flow imbalances or blockages.

If these concepts resonate with us, and especially if we believe that there is a “Universal Source” of our energies, it is important to choose health practitioners that share our beliefs and focus on wellness and basic energy rebalancing, rather than illness and the symptomatic end results of disease.

Dr. Suzanne Pear is a clinical nurse aesthetician and light healer-in-training. She offers Energy Light Rejuvenation therapy (“Whole Body Healing Disguised as a Facial”), which incorporates acupressure, customized LED color light, microcurrent and sound energies, in addition to traditional facial aesthetic treatments. Connect at 520-400-8109 or See ad, page 6.