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Knowing What You Want

Aug 28, 2018 11:55PM

Most people feel confident that they know what they want. However, when they begin to have issues with anxiety, depression and illness, which may or may not have a medical basis, it may be time to journey within.

Time to sit down and go on a discovery mission to find out: What do we want? This is the first level that has to be opened in order to uncover the mysteries. It seems like a small thing, but as we age, it becomes so much more valuable to our lives when we know what we want. It differs from what do we “have” to do. We generally have a laundry list of things we must do, and unfortunately these drown out what we want to do.

So, in assessing our healing process, when beginning to write down what we want to do, we set ourselves free and endless possibilities begin to show up in life, because the Universe or God has something to work with.

We may discover an end to anxiety, depression, gut-related illnesses and the like, simply by getting in touch with ourselves and creating space for our higher self to flourish. Try it sometime—just sit down with a piece of paper and write down what you want. Feel the freedom ooze out of you.

Tammi Morrison is a wife, mother, certified spiritual coach, speaker and #1 bestselling author. She assists mature women with transformation by showing them how to tap into their intuition and release their inner entrepreneur, and is available for motivational speaking. Connect at 520-273-4117, [email protected] or

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