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Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing offers individuals an opportunity to integrate their whole-body connection to a deeper level of being. It addresses deep stuck energy that is held within our bones, going past the soft tissue and into the actual skeletal system of dense held energy and structural imbalance patterns that have been blocking us from living life to its fullest and embracing more joy in everyday experiences.

This modality can help clients feel more integrated, decrease their physical and emotional pain and release stress and tensions that are holding them back. A Zero Balancing session can help to reduce headaches, depression, insomnia and physical pain, and help restore an inner sense of calmness and overall well-being.

Zero Balancing is a non-diagnostic, hands-on bodywork that integrates the physical structure and the energy connection. This technique is done by a series of gentle skilled touch on various points of the bone and skeletal structure of the body. The points include foundation areas of the spine, hips, neck and feet for alignment of the bones and the joints to release and improve movement. The session is completed through clothing while a client is lying in supine position. Sessions usually take an average of 60 minutes.

This technique integrates the energetic movement patterns of an individual with their structural body system to assist in organizing and expanding the physical body and consciousness. Zero Balancing combines both Eastern and Western philosophies of energetic imprints and the human anatomy for an expanded sense of self-awareness.

Sue Barrett, a Certified Zero Balance Practitioner at Balance in Motion, has over 25 years of experience in alternative healing, assisting both adults and children to align mind, body and spirit for a whole body connection. Zero balancing can provide that opportunity for integration into Oneness. She offers both office and home visits. Connect at
520-240-2583 or [email protected].

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