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Decrease Fight-or-Flight to Boost the Immune System

This is a quick, almost effortless way to improve the immune system by decreasing our time spent in fight-or-flight mode. It has long-lasting results that can be done in under 30 days. Participants experience reduced reactivity to stress and an increased ability to multitask, handle emotional situations, connect the dots and feel in control of themselves.

Imagine a caveman, knowing a sabretooth tiger is out there somewhere trying to kill him. Where would his priorities lie? Would he care about purging himself of the toxins from that mammoth he ate earlier? How about taking a nap or dealing with the emotions brought on by his cave mother-in-law? Would he care about healing himself? None of these would be his priorities, because he would only care about survival. Those functions would have to wait until he could get back to his cave—if he ever gets back to his cave. 

This is the same reaction that a busy life in modern society is causing, only we have “sabretooth tigers” (daily stressors) coming at us from every direction. Because of this, it is difficult to concentrate on sleeping, digesting, regulating mood, remembering minor details and dealing with emotions.

The Sensory Learning Program is designed to help decrease fight-or-flight responses. This is a 12-day program in which clients lie on a cushioned table that rotates up and down while gazing at a light and listening to special music for 30 minutes twice per day. After the 12 days, they perform home support for 20 minutes twice per day. These sessions are intended to help calm the brain and reorganize it into a more cohesive network that can help us navigate through our lives without so much distraction and frustration.

The Sensory Learning Program was originally designed for Special Needs kids to help them integrate their senses and organize their brains to allow them to handle multiple stimuli. It has been found to do much more, to include helping brain injury patients, generalized anxiety problems, attention problems and feeling connected.

Amy Thomas, OD, FCOVD is Clinical Director at Arizona Vision Therapy Center, which offers the Sensory Learning Program. Connect at 520-886-8800, [email protected] or See ad, page 15.

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