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Men’s Health Below the Waist

Many men are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), bladder issues, infertility issues and inflamed, enlarged or cancerous prostate. These conditions can be reversed naturally, through healing the gut and metabolism. The body’s endocrine system produces hormones that regulate metabolism, sexual function, reproduction and mood. The insulin driven diet is bankrupting men of their sex hormones, as all hormones are inter-related.

For example, diabetes is an endocrine disease that can cause ED through the hormone insulin and impaired blood flow. If glucose, fructose, seed oils and processed foods are the predominant diet, be prepared for low libido, flaccid muscles, swollen prostate and difficult urination. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Gut inflammation driven by the processed foods and pharmaceutical lifestyle is the unseen part of the iceberg. This inflammation creates a breach in the gut wall and allows contents of the GI tract access to the blood and lymph. This metabolic damage sets the stage for metabolic syndrome and its markers, including: abdominal fat, high blood lipid, glucose, insulin, blood pressure, A1C and fatty liver. The metabolic dysregulation affects the men’s intestines, bladder and prostate. Just as polycystic ovarian syndrome is a sign of metabolic syndrome in women, ED and problematic prostates are signs in men. Prostate issues include prostate cancer, an enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), or an infected prostate, prostatitis.

Until men get their metabolism under control, ED, BPH and infertility are here to stay and progress. The idea is to regenerate what has degenerated through nutrition, masturbation, movement and meditation. All degenerative diseases are reversible naturally.

Sheila Shea, founder of the Intestinal Health Institute, is a National Board Certified colon hydrotherapist with 42 years in practice. She is a Certified Gut and Psychology practitioner and is a subject matter expert in metabolic syndrome and sugar. She offers a program to heal and seal the gut wall and reseed good microbes in order to heal ED and prostate anomalies. Connect at 520-325-9686, [email protected] or