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Lightening the Load

Dec 31, 2019 07:31AM ● By J Garnett
New Year’s resolutions seem absolutely doable when deciding how and what to give up, or change, in the coming new year. Resolutions are made in order to make daily life healthier and happier and to just be a better person. It’s impossible to determine exactly how many people resolve to change their lives starting on January 1st. It’s a new beginning to a new year; why not have a resolution?

Unfortunately, two different polls—the Marist Poll, which stretches across the nation in search of public opinions, and, which seeks out public opinion globally—have concluded that the percentage of people who stick to their New Year’s resolutions is bleak. It is reported that between 20 and 25 percent of people will be successful with their resolution-keeping.

The same two pollsters have reported that eating healthier, losing weight and exercising more rank near the top for resolution choices. Why is it that resolutions are so difficult to adhere to? Even with the strongest desire, the best plan of action in place and the strongest of will powers, most people falter. When turning away from unhealthy habits and toward a new lifestyle, it’s more difficult than most people think. Perhaps part of the difficulty in staying on track is that people start a difficult transition with an unprepared body, mind and spirit.

When starting out on a long road trip, most people tune-up their cars, change the oil, check the brakes and balance the tires. Embarking on a trip without doing some routine maintenance can lead to hardship down the road. Beginning a new health regimen, and routine, should be looked at with the same precautions in mind. Cleansing, detoxifying and purging the body of unwanted toxins in a natural way could be what’s needed for the body before it’s thrown into a completely different meal plan and lifestyle.

Granted, not all New Year’s resolutions are extreme, but, again, losing weight and getting healthier rank at the top for resolution choices. Ridding toxins and battling free radicals in the body prior to the start date of the resolution can make it easier to stay the course. The body is refreshed and ready to work optimally. The mind will be clearer and the spirit will soar with optimism. All of these will be of benefit when keeping tabs on the success of the resolution and sticking to it even when it gets tough. Be aware that there are a lot of toxins stored in the average American body, and no one said it would be a piece of cake to get rid of them.

According to the Alaska Community Action on Toxics, there are over 80,000 manmade chemicals produced in the U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency only tests and monitors 200 of these chemicals. Men, women and children of every age in the U.S. have what’s been referred to as chemical body burden. The level of burden in each body depends on what is being consumed or taken into the body, either with the air breathed or moisturizer on the skin. Because these substances are foreign to the human body, there is a continuous strain on the liver. This vital organ is responsible for many things, but filtering the blood and ridding the body of waste and toxins is perhaps the most important.

The liver is a busy organ. It’s responsible for storing vital vitamins and minerals. The liver produces proteins and bile which are necessary for a functioning human body. As the body’s natural filter, it’s constantly flushing out what the body doesn’t need, including poisons and certain bacteria that can cause serious health risks. The air that’s breathed, the food that’s eaten, liquids drunk, lotions, soaps and any number of other things, all contain substances that must be purged from the body.

When an overload of toxins enter the body, the liver cannot keep up, so it stores the excess toxins until they can be processed. The issue arises when there is little, if any, time for the liver to catch up. It just keeps storing and storing. This affects the amount of essential vitamins and minerals that can be stored, and those that do get stored are somewhat tainted by the synthetic cesspool of chemicals, some of which are incredibly dangerous. When making a New Year’s resolution that pertains to diet and exercise, it seems obvious that the body needs more vitamins and minerals to be stored in the liver than toxins.

Rather than attempting to stay true to a New Year’s resolution, only to fail because the liver is already working overtime, detoxify the liver first and have it tuned up and ready to take on the most difficult of tasks. So, how is a liver cleansed, purged and detoxified? Turning yet again to Mother Earth’s medicine cabinet, the answers can be found. There are many plants, fruits and vegetables that will promote a healthy liver and aid in flushing it out.

The health and wellness guide, Healthline, lists a number of natural remedies for an overburdened liver. Surprisingly, coffee helps to prevent the storage of excess fat and collagen in the liver. The morning beverage is also effective in reducing inflammation in the liver caused by storing too many toxins. Blueberries and cranberries are also beneficial for promoting a healthy liver and ridding it of chemicals and other toxins. The berries contain anthocyanins, an antioxidant which gives some food their color and is a powerhouse in fighting for healthy storage in the liver.

The fruit from the prickly pear cactus has been shown to assist the liver in breaking down alcohol and other chemicals. This allows antioxidant and inflammation levels to remain in check. Beet juice not only combats the damage done by oxidation in the liver, but it also increases the natural detoxifying enzymes which help with the breakdown of toxins in the blood. With any detoxifying method, it’s imperative that lots of water be consumed. Cucumbers, watermelon and lettuce are made up mostly of water, so adding more of these to a diet will assist in the process of cleaning out the liver.

It’s never too late to make a lifestyle change. New Year’s Day may have come and gone, but resolutions can be started at any time. Making certain that the body, mind and spirit are prepared for the change is vital, and a liver detoxification is where to start. It’s January, and it’s still the beginning of a brand new year. Take that step toward a successful new lifestyle, and lighten the load for the trip by getting rid of all the excess baggage hanging out in livers everywhere.

J. Garnet, M.Ed., is a writer, teacher, speaker and healer. Garnet’s passion is helping the public see that nature is medicine. Connect at 520-437-8855 or [email protected].