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Dr. Jasmine May

Jasmine May

Dr. Jasmine May
Healing Spirit Soaks
1074 N. Swan, Tucson
[email protected]

After receiving an acupuncture and physical medicine treatment 25 years ago, Dr. Jasmine May was inspired to become a naturopathic doctor. “I was amazed at how peaceful I felt afterward and knew I wanted to do that with my life: learn and practice healing modalities that help people to feel good,” she says. May started Healing Spirit Soaks after a decade of naturopathic practice, to “create a space for individuals to come and feel safe and empowered to enjoy their own self-healing journey.”
Water therapy, especially soaking in hot springs, has been such an enjoyable part of May’s life experience that she wanted to offer that service to Tucson. “Contrasting a hot soak in a cedar tub with a cold plunge in the copper clawfoot tub, is as close as I could get to bringing the hot spring and cold river dip experience indoors,” she says.
Healing Spirit Soaks offers CBD salt scrubs, sauna, infrared amethyst biomat, CBD Thai massage, trigger point massage, reflexology, vaginal steams, acupuncture, naturopathy and cannabis certifications. “Many patients come in just for some quiet self-care time. Others come in for cannabis certification, some for acupuncture to treat their arthritis pain, some to get CBD and herb products (salt scrubs, bath bombs, tinctures or custom herb blends).”
May has been certifying patients for their medical marijuana cards for years, and one of the things she enjoys most about those patient visits is the chance to introduce them to other herbs and naturopathic modalities that can be helpful for their concerns. “At Healing Spirit, our Naturopathic ‘bar’ is open for patients to come in, have a cup of tea and ask any questions they may have about natural medicine.”
A Holistic Weight Loss program is coming in time for the Lunar New Year, which incorporates the soaking tubs, mind/body medicine and diet/herbs, says May.

Unwind at Tucsons Healing Spirit Soaks

Unwind at Tucson’s Healing Spirit Soaks

Healing Spirit Soaks is Dr. Jasmine May’s new venture into the wonderful world of water and plant medicine. Read More » 


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