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Kryste Andrews

Kryste Andrews

Kryste Andrews
4757 E. Brisa del Sur, Tucson
[email protected]

When a difficult life event was haunting her and she sought insight in 1994, Kryste Andrews turned to the study of hypnosis. “A clear answer came which still resonates 25 years later,” she says. “Traditional therapies couldn’t explain the unexpected loss and pain. A past life showed me what was behind events altering the trajectory of my life.” Through that experience, she gained an interest in past life regressions.
Andrews received her hypnosis certification in 1994 and became a QHHT practitioner two years ago. She is set apart by her use of sound—both voice and crystal singing bowls—to deepen the experience. “As a musician for life, I’m aware that sound affects us on a cellular level,” Andrews explains. “Vibrations from crystal bowls and the human voice open us to the unseen, the ‘real’ world. There, we connect with our true selves.”
“My sessions are dedicated entirely to the client—their comfort, building trust and allowing space for the Higher Self to emerge and be heard,” explains Andrews. “People want to be reassured. They come to me when they’re ready to open to a new paradigm, shift into fuller awareness.”
Currently, her emphasis is on past life regressions, although she is open to doing hypnosis sessions for addressing any special issues. Andrews does sound healing with crystal singing bowls and leads toning circles. Recently she has been working long distance for hypnosis—past life, future life, messages from Spirit and remote viewing.
“Adapting to my clients’ needs is most important. If money is an issue, we discuss options such as partial trade of healing modalities or payment over time. I am also gathering information from future progressions and looking for participants. Long distance sessions are taking place regularly and offer more flexibility,” she says.

Kryste Andrews Offers Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Kryste Andrews Offers Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

After experiencing the profound healing of her first Past Life Regression with a hypnotherapist over 25 years ago, Kryste Andrews was inspired to become certified as a hypnotherapist. Read More » 

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