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Tips for Emotional Well-Being

Protecting our emotional well-being is important at all times, and even more so during the challenging times we find ourselves living in today. Here are some quick tips for keeping ourselves well at this time.
Be aware of emotions and reactions. Express feelings in appropriate ways. Think before acting. Manage stress by learning to relax. Strive for balance between work and play. Take care of physical health with regular exercise, eating healthy meals and getting enough sleep. Connect with others as much as possible. Find purpose and meaning with what’s important in life. Stay positive.

There are many natural herbs that are known to help with stress and emotional well-being, including valerian root, which alleviates tension, muscle spasms and congestion, while antioxidant-rich gou teng and sophora japonica support circulation and immunity.

Vitamin B12 is the stress vitamin and is used to support mood, energy, mental focus, memory and the immune system. In addition, the right essential oils, especially those with eucalyptus, can be both relaxing and soothing. 

Mack Atkinson can help with more information on where to find these herbs, vitamins and oils. Connect at 520-744-2566, [email protected] or See ad, page 37.


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