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Brilliant Health: Leveraging the Power of Plants to Maximize Health and Wellness

Jan 30, 2021 08:01PM ● By Tavi Meketon
According to the Nutrition Business Journal Summit, the global rate of growth for medicinal plants is estimated to be significant over the next decade, reaching an estimated $670 billion by 2024. While plants have been used to support health and wellness since prehistoric times, America is seeing a rise in the immediate benefits and preventative, long-lasting effects of numerous types of botanical and cannabis derivatives. Increasingly, healthcare professionals and individuals are becoming more educated about the many bioavailable compounds found in natural plants, such as hemp/cannabis, elderberry, turmeric, cranberry and hundreds of others.
Tucson-based Brilliant Health, LLC is poised to become one of the country’s leading nutraceutical companies that formulates, manufactures and distributes a line of safe, clean and effective products in both the hemp/cannabis and nutraceutical categories. Brilliant Health and its subsidiary, Exciting! Extracts, is a national leader in the research and development of science-based natural supplements. They have assembled a multi-disciplinary team of medical
doctors, PhDs, biologists, chemists and extraction specialists to produce a line of products created for those who are looking for the highest level of trust, safety and efficacy in their go-to remedies and supplements.
The Brilliant Health team is led by co-founder and CEO, Dr. Norman Relkin, PhD, MD. Relkin’s mission has been to leverage the power of the plant to maximize overall health and wellness for humans and animals. As a board-certified neurologist and neuroscientist trained at Yale’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and most recently at Cornell University Medical College, he has extensive experience in pre-clinical as well as clinical development of supplements, pharmaceuticals and biologics.
Relkin spent the past five years building the technology platforms and product portfolio of Brilliant Health, to include its Hemp line in Exciting! Extracts, as well as other products for pain relief, brain function, allergies, acne and immune system health.
Relkin has not only witnessed the recent growth of the nutraceutical industry, but also the skepticism caused by poor quality of current market products that may not be able to prove safety or effectiveness. “Unfortunately, the market for health and wellness-promoting interventions has developed much faster than the science behind the actual products,” he says. “There is a lack of scientific rigor in the creation and manufacturing of most nutraceuticals and dietary supplement products on the market today. This rising tide of the nutraceutical industry has attracted many quick to market and substandard products, resulting in a flood of impurity and inconsistency, with unsubstantiated efficacy claims.”
As a result of common questions and widely spread concerns, Brilliant Health has addressed these with the proprietary knowledge, technology and expertise that provides remedies for several of the major shortcomings in today’s nutraceutical and cannabis industries.
The centerpiece of Brilliant Health’s solution is a unique development platform that identifies multiple bioactive ingredients in plants and standardizes production of extracts containing these bioactive molecules in prescribed ratios. Brilliant Health also possesses a powerful small molecule contaminant screen that identifies toxins that are often overlooked by conventional laboratory testing.
Brilliant Health’s technology is powered by its unique “5 element” approach that uses Rapid Analysis, Bioactive Identification, Extract Production, Proprietary Safety Screen and finally Clinical Trials. By extracting and standardizing multiple bioactive molecules in plants, this transformative solution allows natural medicines to be created with equal or greater potency than pharmaceuticals with improved safety and tolerability.  This proprietary technology also identifies hundreds of molecules within minutes, as well as bioactives and contaminants.
Conventional pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals typically contain a fixed amount of a single molecule known as “the active ingredient” and variable amounts of “other ingredients”. However, the medicinal properties in plants are generally not the result of a single molecule acting in isolation, but the combined effects of many bioactive chemicals acting in concert to achieve synergy. This principle is often referred to as the “ensemble effect”.
Brilliant Health’s next-generation plant extracts are created in a way that maximizes the ensemble effects to achieve prescribed therapeutic endpoints, making them uniquely effective, inherently differentiated and, in some cases, patentable. By extracting and standardizing multiple bioactive molecules in plants, natural medicines can be created that have effectiveness comparable to pharmaceuticals, but at lower cost and with improved safety and tolerability.
The power of Brilliant Health’s technology is evident from the unique products that have been created and the speed at which new product development takes place. Brilliant Health has extracts with potent antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. They have the first whole spectrum turmeric extract that is proven to deliver curcumin to the brain after oral administration.
Brilliant Health has also created the first full-spectrum hemp-in-water extract, Aqua, that is made entirely from the hemp plant, without other additives. Most products on the market today contain FDA monograph ingredients that permit for an array of egregious label claims. The difference with Aqua is what is not in the bottle.
The production of these and other natural medicines are made possible through an approach that is unique to Brilliant Health.
To ensure consumer safety, Brilliant Health has partnered with Healthloq to incorporate immutable blockchain technology to track every batch and all ingredients from seed to shelf. Buyers have a means to be 100 percent confident when and how each batch was produced.
Currently, Aqua/Sativa Basics are available to the consumer through local shops, as well as to health and wellness practitioners for professional purposes.
Not only is Brilliant Health expecting the lineup of groundbreaking products in 2021, but Exciting! Extracts is hoping to be the “first-mover” in the local CBG and national market, in addition to the launch of liquid drops and a CBD patch added to their line by the end of spring.  These products will be formulated specifically to address the goals of the human body as well as pets.
Now available to consumers and professionals is the Aqua Roll-on, which is a full-spectrum hemp extract in water. Exciting! Extracts’ “hemp-in-water” was formulated to rapidly alleviate pain and inflammation associated with muscles and joints. Aqua is unique in being an aqueous delivery system for cannabis flower oil created without the use of external emulsifiers, surfactants or other additives.
A current customer recently shared, “It’s exciting to be on the ground floor of such unique and effective science, and comforting to know something that works this well is safe for me and can be trusted for my pets as well.”

For more information on available products or future orders, contact Nick Sandberg at 520-900-5555, option 4 or visit See ad, page 11.

Tavi Meketon, MBA, SPHR is a local author and business executive who focuses on supporting individuals and organizations through proactive strategies and comprehensive solutions. Connect at [email protected].

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