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The Healing Power of Mindfulness

Modern life offers to us all the opportunity of creating alternatives that help us figure out how to live a balanced life within our hectic daily routine. The practice of medicine with an integrative approach helps us to introduce ancient concepts inside the rampant technological development.
Large amounts of research combined with personal experiences has shown that implementing a healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise) is not always enough to achieve general well-being. The practice of mindfulness for the development of our emotional intelligence is vital, and our childhoods are critical windows for this process. Learning meditation, how to wisely choose information to feed our thoughts and beliefs and how to regulate our emotions, are some of the core components of this beautiful practice. Mindfulness is, without doubt, a practice more aligned with the basic fibers of our being.
Eastern masters say that it is through the Shen (the mind) that we radiate ourselves into the world, manifesting our wisdom, virtue and inner peace. Perhaps going back to simple, healthy behaviors will be our way to heal from the inside out.

Dr. Lucy Surya practices Integrative Medicine and acupuncture at Eastwest Integrated Care, in Tucson. She is hosting a mindfulness retreat on December 4 and 5. For more information, contact Eastwest Integrated Care at 520-308-5289 or See ad, page 19.

Eastwest Integrated Care - 7440 N Oracle Rd  Bldg 4 Tucson AZ

Eastwest Integrated Care - 7440 N Oracle Rd , Bldg 4, Tucson, AZ

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